Thursday, May 29, 2014

IM5Week: David Chris IM5 Fancalls

Today we have David from IM5 on Fancalls!

Welcome back to Fancalls #5ers. As you already know, this week is #IM5Week on Fancalls. So far this week, 5ers have had conversations with Gabe, Cole and Will. Today, is David's turn! So get your ONE question posted below. 

David is the newest member of IM5 and we want to show him a lot of LOVE!!. In an effort to allow as many #5ers as possible to talk to David we are asking you to post the question you will ask David tonight in the comment section below.  

If you have already spoken to a member of #IM5 this week we ask that you allow other #5ers a the chance to enjoy that same experience with David. Each #5er will have approximately TWO minutes to speak, that means ONE question each. So please think of the ONE question you really want David to answer and post it in the comment section below. 
#DavidChrisIM5Fancalls  start today at 7pm Eastern Standard Time
The call in phone number is 646-929-1325

Please remember that double entries are disqualified and that if you have spoken to a member before you may not get a chance to talk to another

Here are the rules! 
Please read ALL the rules carefully before you click the 'publish your comment' button. 

1. Post your first name, Twitter name, state you are calling from and the last 4 digits of your phone number. (accounts using eggs as the profile pic on Twitter will not be chosen). International Fans just post your Twitter name, First name and where you live. A few International Fans will be chosen.
2. Post the ONE question for David in the comment section below
3. Read your comment and make sure all of the above is listed, then click 'publish your comment'
4. Tweet us using the hashtag #DavidChrisIM5Fancalls <--this is the same hashtag to use tonight during Fancalls along with the last 4 digits of your phone number. 

No entries will be accepted on Twitter.
NO DM's post any questions on our timeline using the hashtag #DavidChrisIM5Fancalls

****Calls answered will be chosen from this site only!!!


Anonymous said...

Name: Tykajah
Twitter: @callme_kajah
State: Virginia
Last 4 digits: 2168
What side of the bed do you sleep on?

Latesha Weeks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kelsey Rae said...

Name: kelsey rae
Twitter: @nialls__potato
From canada
What got you started in dancing and singing?? :)

Kamanda Girlz said...

Name: Kiara
Twitter: @keisparadisee
From: New Jersey
Digits: 6089
Question: How high can you jump into the water?

Anonymous said...

Name: Gwen
Twitter: @Xxjust_gwenxX
From: UK (London)
Digits: 7996
Question: What would you have done if you hadn't got the part in IM5 OR what started off your spiderman obsession?

Saleeah Leiva said...

Name: Saleeah
State: California
Digits: 7221
Question: whose your biggest inspiration? (Music Wise)
Twitter: @SaleeahL

Amaya H. said...

Name: Amaya
Twitter: infinityxxamaya
From: New Mexico
Digits: 6556
Question: Favorite football team?
Thank you! :)

Allison Luczak said...

Name: Allison
Twitter: @allison_luczak
State: Charoltte North Carolina
Last 4 digits: 4086
Question: wheat do you see you see your self doing in 5 years from now??

katy said...

Twitter name:carrotprincess5
From:New York
Question: Favorite song to cover ?

Francesca Bogiatzis said...

Name: Francesca
Twitter: Greek_ItaliFRAN
State: Pennsylvania
Last Digits: 0120
Question: If you were Spiderman in the movies what do you think your favorite scene to play in would you say? Thanks!

Latesha Weeks said...

State Maryland
Last 4-4313
What is something that you would tell your future self and I love you David

MeLauraG said...

Name: Laura G.
Twitter: @MeLauraG
Last 4 digits: 9367
Question: What is the best thing about 5ers

Shorty Stephy said...

Name: Stephanie
Twitter: @shortystephy4
State: Florida
Digits: 8752
Question: When did you started dancing?

Elizabeth said...

Name: Elizabeth
Twitter: @elizabeth_d96
State: Virginia
Last 4 digits: 6293
Question: What were you doing before you were in IM5?

Khanh Tran said...

Name: Khanh Tran (sounds like con)
Twitter name: IM5lover5ever
State: Virginia
Question: When Disney Dudez 2 come along, can you be Finn Rider?
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY! I wish I can show you guys how this means to me, it really means a lot. Thank you again to Fancalls and Mrs. Elaine! (:

Savannah James said...

Name: Savannah
Twitter: @FlyAwaySavannah
State: California
Last 4 digits: 9352
Favorite song at the moment

Anissa Dickson said...

Name: Anissa
Twitter: @RealityDance1VA
State: Virginia
Last 4 digits: 8624
Question: if you were in a relationship, how would you celebrate your 1st one year anniversary

Anonymous said...

Name: Nicole
Twitter: @nicoleesabio
State: California
Number: 6435
question: Have the guys waxed your legs yet?!?! How are you liking being in the band?

Kristy C said...

Name: Kristina
Twitter: @Dreamer4life25
State: Illinois
Number: 4008
What is your favorite Chicago sports team?

MadisonSessions said...

Name: Madison
Twitter: @sessionsmadison
State: Idaho
Last digits: 4241
Question: "If there was ever a zombie apocalypse, where would you go to avoid zombies?"

I know I posted my info on Tuesday for Cole, but the phone kicked me off and I was unable to get back on until it was over. So please consider me.

Joselyn Chavez said...

Name: Joselyn
Twitter: @ILuvColePendery
From: California
Last 4 Digits: 2892
Question: Thing you are most obsessed with at the moment & fave animal?

Anonymous said...

From California
Question: favorite spongebob episode???

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @xomiikayla
State: California
Digits: 8522
Question: If you were president for a day, what would you do?

Anonymous said...

Name: Mikaela
Twitter: trulyvaughns
From: California
Digits: 3721
Question: If you were going to ask someone to prom, how would your promposal be?

Anonymous said...

Name: Chloe
Twitter: chloe_dotson
Question: if you had one superpower what would it be??

Marleyna said...

Name: Marleyna
State: Massachusetts
Last 4 digits:3435
If you were able to star in ANY movie of your chose what movie/role would you choose?

Anonymous said...

Last 4 digits:2566
(?):If you were being attack by zombies who would you save if you can only save 1 member?

Singer Gurl said...

Q-If Ariana Grande told you to be her boyfriend but in one condition, you have to shave your head again, will you do it? :)

Anonymous said...

Name: Lexi
Twitter: lexiyolo16
Last 4 digits: 8712
State: Florida
1.) What's your favorite part being in IM5?
2.) If a zombie apocalypse would happen what weapon would you choose?

tacira said...

Name: tacira
Twitter: @Random_Dolphin_
Digits: 5355
State: Arizona
Question: how many song routines do you know?

Bre Hogan said...

Name: Bre
Twitter: @Brekichu
state: Nevada
last 4 digits: 0750
Question: What is your favorite part about being the person that you are?

Anonymous said...

Name: Kaylona
Twitter: AlohaKaylona
Last 4 Digits: 9207
Location: Virginia
Question: would you rather live in a world filled with gummy bears or where hover boards exist?

Anonymous said...

Hey adeah taking to me with you.