Monday, June 2, 2014

Jake Ryon Fancalls

Are you a fan of Jake Ryon? Ever wanted to talk to him on the phone? Well here's your chance
Jake Ryon will be accepting your calls on Friday June 6 at 7pm est./6pm c./4pm pst. Do you want to talk to him? Here are the rules

1. Post your first name, Twitter name, state you are calling from and the last 4 digits of your phone number. (accounts using eggs as the profile pic on Twitter will not be chosen). International Fans just post your Twitter name, First name and where you live. A few International Fans will be chosen.

2. Post your ONE question for Jake in the comment section below
3. Read your comment and make sure all of the above is listed, then click 'publish your comment'
4. #JakeRyonFancalls is the hashtag to use/post during Fancalls along with the last 4 digits of your phone number. Your tweet will look like this -> #JakeRyonFancalls 3298 (for US Callers)
#JakeRyonFancalls International Fan
Please remember that double entries are disqualified and that if you have spoken to a member before you may not get a chance to talk to another
No entries will be accepted on Twitter.
NO DM's post any questions on our timeline using the hashtag #JakeRyonFancalls
****Calls answered will be chosen from this site only!!!


Cedes Chavarria said...

Mercedes @mercedeschavar4 state: New Mexico 3332