Monday, June 2, 2014

3Union Fancalls

Ryan, Brandon, and Shaun Boyd better known as 3Union will be answering your calls in Wednesday June 4, 2014. 

3union is a pop/rock band of brothers who love performing and playing their music for any audience. They are passionate about influencing their generation, and challenging them to make a difference. Working closely with Cru High School and Keynote (divisions of the international mission organization, Cru, based in Orlando), this young band was formed in 2008 and has performed at youth conferences, retreats, schools, festivals, and numerous other venues both nationally and internationally.

Their first CD, “Say It Now,” was produced by John David Webster and released in July of 2009. As the band’s style became more electro, they started work in 2011 on a 5 song EP, co-produced by Michael Linney (who has worked with artists such as Jason Derulo and Toby Mac), and multi-platinum producer ill factor (who has worked with artists including Justin Timberlake, Ricky Martin, and Natasha Bedinfield). Titled, "Our Mom Thinks We're Good," the new EP released in December of 2011. 

Recent highlights have included appearances at summer festivals sharing the stage with Group One Crew, Manafest, Hawk Nelson and Tenth Avenue North; opening for Jeremy Camp; and appearing on the 2011 "eXtreme Tour" as well as the Van's Warped Tour where they were winners in the Ernie Ball Stage "Battle of the Bands." They played on the 2012 "Camplified" tour sponsored by Cartoon Network, opened for Keith Urban and ‘American Idol’ champ, Kris Allen, and performed an exclusive side-stage appearance for the Jonas Brothers during their 2013 tour appearance on Long Island. The band has done several international tours, including dates in Germany, Turkey, and Lebanon, and played a 2-week series of concerts in Australia in September of 2013. 

Upcoming highlights for 2014 include the release of a new CD, and likely return to Australia for another extended tour there in late fall. 

3Union is affiliated with the non-profit organization, A.C.T., International based out of Nashville.

Join us for #3UnionFancalls on Wednesday June 4 at 7pm est./6pm c./4pm pst. Call in and talk to them LIVE 646-929-1325. They will be LIVE for 30 minutes.

Fans will have approximately TWO minutes to speak, that means ONE question each. So please think of the ONE question you really want 3Union to answer and post it in the comment section below. 

Here are the rules! 
Please read ALL the rules carefully before you click the 'publish your comment' button. 

1. Post your first name, Twitter name, state you are calling from and the last 4 digits of your phone number. (accounts using eggs as the profile pic on Twitter will not be chosen). International Fans just post your Twitter name, First name and where you live. A few International Fans will be chosen.
2. Post your ONE question for 3Union in the comment section below
3. Read your comment and make sure all of the above is listed, then click 'publish your comment'
4. #3UnionFancalls is the hashtag to use/post during Fancalls along with the last 4 digits of your phone number. Your tweet will look like this -> #3UnionFancalls 3298 (for US Callers)
#3UnionFancalls International Fan
Please remember that double entries are disqualified and that if you have spoken to a member before you may not get a chance to talk to another
No entries will be accepted on Twitter.
NO DM's post any questions on our timeline using the hashtag #3UnionFancalls
****Calls answered will be chosen from this site only!!!


Latesha Weeks said...

Name Latesha
Last 4 Digits 4313
Question:Who and wht inspires you to write music

Anonymous said...

Name - Claudia
Twitter - @claudia_riker
Last 4 Digits - 4216
Question - What is your number one goal in your music career as in what do you want to accomplish the most?

Alissa Adams said...

Name: Alissa
Twitter: Teen_Girl4Jesus
State: Georgia
Last 4 Digits: 2608
Question: What struggles have you faced or are still facing as a band and how has God helped you overcome those struggles?

Gaby said...

Name: Gabriela
Twitter: @GabyAlvCR
International: Costa Rica
Question: How u came up with the music and lyrics of "More than ever?

Anonymous said...

Name: Kim
Twitter: @kim1971kim
International: Canada
Last 4 digits: 6782
Question: who are your favourite bands/ artists?

FanCalls said...

Please make sure to post your information here thanks

Anonymous said...
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Sean Figueroa said...

Name: Sean
Twitter: @gameplayersf
State: California
Last 4 digits: 4584
Question: what is the next big thing you 3 are looking forward to as a band and what do you want to see 3union achieve in 2014

Ashley said...

Name Ashley
Twitter ashkathleen87
State Arkansas
Last 4 Digits 4488
Question what is y'all's favorite song to perform? Cover or one you've written

Anonymous said...

Name : Marie
Twitter : @DroniouMarie
Country : Europe, France

Anonymous said...

Name: Tj
Twitter: aaleathatsmetoo
State: California
Last 4 Digits: 2423
Question: What is your favorite song you ever covered?

Anonymous said...

Name :Marie
Twitter : @DroniouMarie
Europe, France
Will you like to go in europe for perfoming your songs?

Brandie bailey said...

Q- in your career, the biggest part is y'all being together. When y'all are together what do y'all do and how do you make time to do it?

Anonymous said...

Name: Bonnie
Twitter: @ohsnapitsbonnie
Place: New York, USA
4 digits: 0683
Question: If you guys weren't making music, what career would you be persuing?

Liz Urban said...

Name: Liz
Twitter: @chillycrab2
State: Kentucky
Last 4 Digits: 0365
Question: What funny nicknames do you have for each other?

Anonymous said...

Name: Sy
Twitter: @Sy_Hughes_
State: Alabama
Last 4 digits: 8036
Question: How does it feel to know there are so many people who adore you and your music?

Anonymous said...

Name: Tifany
Twitter: @silver_roses14
State: Indiana
last 4 digits: 7814
Question: what is the most inspiring thing someone has said to you?

Anonymous said...

Name: Aundrea
Twitter: BVBgirl355
State: Illinois
Area code 217
Last four digits 4155

Question: What helped you decide to pursue your ministry Work with Music

Anonymous said...

Name: Cat
Twitter: frantasticat
last 4 digits: 8374
question: Do you have any plans for upcoming shows?
Are you going to see the fault in our stars in theaters this weekend?

Anonymous said...

Name: Cat
Twitter: frantasticat
last 4 digits: 8374
State: Ohio
question: Do you have any plans for upcoming shows?
Are you going to see the fault in our stars in theaters this weekend?

monika singh said...

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