Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Austin Porter Birthday Fancalls

OMG!! Its almost that time. What time you ask? It's almost @APorterOfficial's birthday. Yeah we know his birthday isn't until tomorrow BUT WE are celebrating it tonight; 8pm est, 7pm c, 5pm pst. Who's wit it?
If you're a true #rePorter you already know what it is. Yup, Austin, Austin, Austin Porter's Birthday! We don't care that his actual birthday is tomorrow, we wanna celebrate it now, TONIGHT on Fancalls!!

Austin Porter is the coolest ever! He is celebrating his birthday one day early to make sure that his #rePorters get a chance to talk to him tonight before he turns into an old man (LOL) just kidding. But seriously, Austin is answering YOUR calls tonight on Fancalls and we couldn't be happier. As a gift to him we'd like to trend #HappyBirthdayAustin on Twitter tonight and if anybody can do that #rePorters can. So what do ya say???!!!

Austin will be on the line from 8-9pm est, 7-8pm c and 5-6pm pst. So call 646-929-1325, ask him a question, wish him a Happy Birthday, heck Happy Birthday to him if you wanna. Let's make this the best Birthday he has ever had!!  No matter what town you live in; TONIGHT we wanna #RockThisToewn!! Oh yeah I said that lol
Check out his new music and download it here and thanks for supporting Austin!

Oh yeah and don't forget there are several rules for Fancalls! (these are our rules not Austin's).
1. You can not ask for a follow back from Austin during Fancalls
2. Did not forget Rule #1
3. Please be in a quiet location, not on a speakerphone or a party line (this distorts the sound quality)
4. All calls are answered by YOUR last 4 digits. Do not post your entire phone number on Twitter, that is not safe and we don't need it.
5. Once your last 4 digits are called you will be connected to Austin. The first thing you should do is tell him your first name and what state you are calling from then proceed to ask  him your question.
We will answer as many calls as we can. Austin will be on the line for 1 hour.

*******You must be following @Aporterofficial and  @Fancalls on Twitter
******Please note: you will not be able to have a long conversation with Austin, each call answered will last 2 minutes. He will answer your ONE question only so make a great one.

All calls are answered randomly and...It is impossible to answer every incoming call but we WILL try lol

What will increase your chances are:
1. using the hashtag #HappyBirthdayAustin + YOUR last 4 digits starting at 5pm pst, 7pm c, 8pm est tonight when you are on the line waiting
2. having a really great question
3. how many times you tweet