Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ty Alaxander Fancalls

Coming to Fancalls tomorrow Teen Heart Throb Ty Alaxandar
Ty will be on Fancalls tomorrow accepting your phone calls. All of our phone lines will be open at exactly 7pm est/6pm c/4pm pst. If you had a chance to talk to Ty, what would you say?

Think of ONE question you would like to ask. Tomorrow call 646-929-1325 at 7pm est. When you are on the line waiting for your call to be answered use the hashtag #TyAlaxandarFancalls + 4 digits of your phone number and YOUR question. You may be chosen to have your call answered by Ty. 

There are several rules for Fancalls.
1. You can not ask for a follow back from Ty during Fancalls
2. Do not forget Rule #1
3. Please be in a quiet location, not on a speakerphone or a party line (this distorts the sound quality)
4. All calls are answered by YOUR last 4 digits, that's all we can see on our switchboard. Do not post your entire phone number on Twitter, that is not safe and we don't need it.
5. Once your last 4 digits are called you will be connected to Ty. The first thing you should do is tell him your first name and what state you are calling from then proceed to ask him your question.
We will answer as many calls as we can. Ty will be on the line for 30 minutes.

*******You must be following @TyAlaxandar and @Fancalls on Twitter
******Please note: you will not be able to have a long conversation with Ty, each call answered will last about 2-3 minutes. He will answer your ONE question only so make a great one.

All calls are answered randomly....... 

What will increase your chances:
1. using the hashtag #TyAlaxandarFancalls tomorrow when you are on the line waiting
2. having a really great question
3. how many times you tweet