Sunday, November 30, 2014

David Scarzone Fancalls

Are you ready for David Scarzone?? He will be live on Fancalls December 5, 2014 at 4:30p/6:30p c./ pst./7:30p est.
A special shout out to David Scarzone. He had an awesome day today. He released his first cover as a solo artist, which is One Direction's Ready to Run and then answered calls from fans on Fancalls. Did you get a chance to talk to David tonight?

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Check out David's cover on One Direction's Ready To Run

On Friday December 5 David Scarzone will be answering YOUR calls on Fancalls! We know you are all excited about this and so are we. This will be David's FIRST time on Fancalls as a solo artist and we can't wait to see what he has in store for you.

If you are a first timer, calling into Fancalls this is how it works.
Fancalls is the FIRST Internet Radio Show that is all about THE FANS! We answer incoming calls from you, THE FANS into our show to talk to your favorite celebrities and idols. It doesn't matter whether they are celebrity status or Independent. If you want to talk to them, we do our best to connect you! Have you ever called into a Radio Station hoping to be THAT one caller whose call is answered? Well on FANCALLS, that's exactly what we do. In fact that is all we do. The interview questions come directly from you. What could be cooler than that?! 

How about:
All calls are recorded:  When you are talking to David, you will be ON AIR. Anyone anywhere in the world who is logged into our channel will be able to hear your conversation with David. And because we are recording, you can relive that moment speaking to David over and over again. 
David Scarzone Fancalls are for US AND International Fans: We don't discriminate!! It doesn't matter where you live. If you have a iPad, Computer or Phone we can connect you to David.
A Live Host: Ms. Elaine who is not only entertaining but is guaranteed to make you laugh and smile.
A Live DJ: who plays our guests' music LIVE. Which means you can give your favorite artist feedback on what your favorite song is.
Interviews: Our interviews are done by you THE FANS! Hence the name FAN CALLS. The Fan.......Calls in and asks DAVID their question.

***US Fans please sign up in the comment section below using your computer. Post your Twitter name, your state and ONE question ONLY!! International Fans please sign up here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Fancalls work?
We are an Internet Radio Show that answers calls from the fans. All you have to do is call in and wait on the line until your call is answered.

2. How will I know you answered my call?
Our host, Ms. Elaine will call out the last 4 digits of your phone number (that is all we can see on our switchboard). Once your number is called you are connected to David.

3. What do I do once you call my number?
Tell David what your name is and what state or country you are calling from. "Hi David, my name is________ and I'm from_________."

4. What time will #DavidScarzoneFancalls start?
Start time is 4:30p pst./ 6:30pm central and 7:30p est

5. How long do we get to talk to David?
Each call answered last about 2-3 minutes. So think of ONE really good or most important question you want to know and ask that.

6. Can me and my friends call in on a party line or three-way call?
No you can not. That is not fair to the fans who are also waiting on the line to speak to David

7. Can I ask David to follow me back during Fancalls?
No, that is RULE #1. You can not ask for a follow back from any guest on Fancalls.

8. I'm nervous, what happens if you answer my call and I scream?
Its ok to scream, laugh, shout or cry on Fancalls. We are aware that most fans never get the opportunity to talk to their favorite artists/celebrities or youtubers. Its a bit shocking, we know, and sometimes your emotions get the best of you no matter how you prepare yourself. So we're cool with it.

9. What happens if you call my number and I don't answer?
Try to remember the last 4 digits of your phone number. Once its called and you do not answer we will hang up and select another number

10. What happens if I hang up?
Don't hang up you may not get through the second time around

11. How many phone lines will be open?
For #DavidScarzoneFancalls we will open 200 phone lines

12. How long will #DavidScarzoneFancalls last?
They will last 1 hour.

13. What are the chances of getting to speak to David?
Your chances are better with us than anywhere else online or nation radio because we open many phone lines. 

14. How are the calls answered?
All calls are answered randomly. If you are waiting on the line, you've got a chance. 

15. How can I increase my chances of getting David to answer my call? 
a. You must be following David and Fancalls on Twitter. 
b. Tweet us Using the hashtag #DavidScarzoneFancalls + your last 4 digits when you are on the line.

16. I'm an International fan, I don't live in the United States, how can I get a chance to talk to David?
Sign up on our on Instagram page. Follow us on Blogtalkradio, comment in our chatroom during Fancalls to let us know you are on the line. We will select International Fans from there.


Anonymous said...

Will you have another dance class in April/ early May when I visit Chicago??

Gina Amendola said...

What inspired you to start dancing?

Savannah said...

How are you enjoying being on your own in the music biz?

Anonymous said...

Do you want to come back to Toronto next year for Digitour? :P

Yvonne Encarnacion said...

Vallejo, CA
When will you visit the Bay Area?

Noelle said...

Twitter: XxTeamTigerxX
State: Florida
Question: If you were born a girl, what would you like your name to be?

Anonymous said...

Would you ever do a U.S tour where you do meet and greets before concerts or teach dance classes?

Sissi said...

Hi :D I´m @IM_Sissi5 on Twitter and I´m from México :)
What did you enjoyed the most about México? Hope that you can come back soon!

Lauren said...

Sonoma, California
It takes about 3 days to get to the moon. If you were to take a trip there, staying for 5 days and it takes 6 days total (there and back) travel, who would you bring with you and why? :)

Anonymous said...

how long have you had dj so far and when is her birthday if she has one

Hayleigh said...

Twitter: hayleigh_gilman
State: Virginia
Question: If you could be any age for the rest of your life what age would you pick and why?

vivian said...

Twitter: @/behlenhomie
Bay Area, California
if you could be a mythical creature, what would you be and why?

Anonymous said...

polaroiddavid // Lauren
Sonoma, California
Would you be willing to do a M&G tour, or at least visit the Bay Area?* :)

Anonymous said...

Once you become settled, would you want to do performances all around the US and out of the country, too?

Maria Raquel Grijalva said...

Twitter: KidrauhlLinsky
State: New Mexico
Question: If you could go to any country or city in the world where would u go and why?

JDANSworld said...

Twitter : @JDANtheactivist
State: Texas
Question: Would you ever get a matching tattoo with a fan for charity?

Jenny Simmons said...

Twitter: @Larryzaynialiam
State: Pennsylvania
Question: what has been the biggest struggle and biggest Acheivement in your life ?

Lixcey Matos said...

Twitter; Lixcey_ToBeOne
State; Pennsylvania
Question; Do you want to travel the world?

Lily monroe said...

Twitter lilyy_monroe
State: arizona
Question : now that you are an amazing solo artist are you still going to be involved with dancing ☺️

Alex Benavides said...

T: @_AlexBenavides
S: Apple Valley, CA
Q: what love story intrigues you the most? high school sweet hearts, childhood best friends & finally breaking out of the friend zone as adults, or random & spontaneous e.i. spilling coffee on each other, sitting next to each other on a plane etc?

janell said...

Twitter: janellnell96

Hey! I love your YouTube videos featuring your choreography! I watched seasons of Love a couple months ago and it was amazing! Do you plan on posting more videos like that in the future?

AnG Panda said...

Hey (:
Twitter: @aloha5er
David, Will you ever visit Hawaii one day?

Anonymous said...

Who are your biggest influences, and why?

Anonymous said...

Twitter: Jemmachip
State: New Jersry

Question: If you could do anything that you want that you cant do now what will it be?

jemma scalera said...

Twitter: Jemmachip
State: New Jersry

Question: If you could do anything that you want that you cant do now what will it be?

Marnie Julkowski said...

Twitter: marniejulkowski
State: Currently Utah for school but from Oklahoma
Question: What has your heart desired more than anything and why?

Anonymous said...

Name: Tejah
State: Richmond, CA
Question: Who inspired you to start dancing?

Anonymous said...

Name: Kyah
State: Richmond, CA
Question: What do you look up to?
Last four digits: 7945

Anonymous said...

Name: Tj
State: Richmond, CA
Last four digits: 2423
Question: What city would you like to visit?

Anonymous said...

Name: Kimmie
Twitter: @cuddlemymuke
State: Pennsylvania
Last four: 2054
Question: What personality traits would your dream girl have??

Brittany said...

Q: What is your favorite memory from 2014? (even though we have a month left)

Anonymous said...

What inspired you to dance?

Amy Sanchez said...

Name: America
Twitter: @amychan021
State: California
Last Four: 9465
Question: Will You be going to any special event in LA such as Winter Lights?

Jennifer said...

Did you play any sports when you were a kid?

Ary'Niyah Monroe said...

Chicago, Illinois

So I don't know exactly what to ask you. So im going to ask how have you been since I last saw you August 16th at Woodfield Mall where you constantly borrowed my purple marker. I gave it to you and you would give it back then ask for it two seconds later. That was such an awesome day.

Anonymous said...

My twitter name is @lauren_piskothy and I live in Florida :)

becca azir said...

What is your most embarrassing childhood memory?

becca azir said...

Favorite song lyrics? And why?

Anahi said...

What is the best dream you've ever had ?

Destiny Z. said...

State: Texas
Last 4 digits: 1772
If you go on your would you plan/want to come to South Texas?☺️✨��

kari carwile said...

How passionate are you actually about dogs?

jeniysia said...

So, now that u r not with IM5 anymore, are you still planning on sticking with the music career and going solo?

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @CanIHasPizza
State: Hawaii
Question: What's your favourite Disney Movie?

Anonymous said...

Name: Makelya
State: Richmond,CA
Last Four Digits: 0875
Question: When did you realize you had real talent?

August Anderson said...



What is one thing you're most excited about releasing? (A dance, a cover, random video)

Rachel Nguyen said...

San Francisco,California
What kind of type do you consider your choreograph as?

Loyal Toddler said...

Twitter: @loyaltoddler
Location: Raleigh, NC
Last Four Digits: 8935
Question: Can you sing happy birthday to me since my B-Day is the 16th? If not my actual question is what is your all time favorite meal to prepare?

Mariela Perez said...

State: New Jersey
When was the defining moment in your life that you chose to become a dancer?

emily schulte said...

Twitter: @5SOSisMineBitch
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Last 4 digits: 9837
Question: if you could spend a whole day with any celebrity of your choice, who would you choose and why?

Jacquelyn Huizar said...

Twitter: @queenmccannx
Location: Chicago, IL
Last 4 digits: 5698
Question: what gives you strength?

Esha Chand said...

Twitter: @EshaAriel
Last 4 digits: 3691
Location: Hayward, California.
Question: Do wanna live in the past, stay in the present, or go ahead to the future?

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @penderbells
Location: St. Louis, MO
Last 4 Digits: 3386
Who is your dream duet

Valerie said...

. Post your Twitter name, your state and ONE question ONLY!! International Fans please sign up here.
Twitter name - @FlyAwayFighter
State - Indiana
Question - What musical artist/group/performer inspired you the most to preform?

Jessica said...

How far do you think your solo career will go?
P.S I hope it goes far

Micah Selena said...

How does it feel to know you've made and still make so many girls hearts go crazy and give the butterflies?

Julie Cruz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yongxin Xiong said...

Question: if you were given one superpower, what would it be and why?

Alison said...

Have you ever seen the musical Wicked? If you have, did you like it?

Anonymous said...

What's the weirdest dream you've had?

Anonymous said...

Name: Kierra
Twitter: kierrabeautiful
Where: Mississippi
Question: When will your first single come out?

Anonymous said...

Name: Sara
Twitter: SaraVaughns12
where: Singapore
question: if you could create a hybrid animsl, whag would it be?

Natasha Kerr said...

Twitter: @Tashers85 / @ColesBodyrolls
State: Pennsylvania
Question: Do you eat macaroni and cheese with a fork or a spoon?

Nicole Ramirez said...

David, will you go to my senior prom with me? May 16th, 2015?!

Nicole Ramirez said...

David, will you go to my senior prom with me? May 16th, 2015?!