Friday, December 5, 2014

David Scarzone Fancalls LIVE

We had a great time talking to David Scarzone tonight on Fancalls.

A special shout out to David Scarzone. He had an awesome day today. He released his first cover as a solo artist, which is One Direction's Ready to Run and then answered calls from fans on Fancalls. He filled our phone lines as expected. We opened 250! He had a chance to talk to fans from Atlanta, California, Indiana, St. Louis, Chicago and PEnnsylvania. Did you get a chance to talk to David tonight? Listen here

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Check out David's cover on One Direction's Ready To Run


Sydnee Tyalor said...

Hey David, My name is Sydnee Taylor and I am a huge fan of IM5 and I am from Raleigh North Carolina and I am fourteen years old. If I were going on a date with one of the members I would got to the beach at sunset and have a picnic. Also I listen to all of your guys songs and I fall in love even more.